A History of Innovation

How it All Began

Sood Seeds Co.Pvt. Ltd. began operations in 1989 as a partnership firm named M/S Sood Seeds . It what was converted into a Private Limited Company in the year 2004. The promoters of Sood Seeds Co. Pvt. Ltd, Sumant Sood and Vivek Sood, hail from a renowned family of agriculturists based in the prosperous Terai zone of the state of Uttarakhand. The family has been involved in agriculture since the year 1920 . Incidentally the town of Bazpur was founded by Late Mr.Khusi Ram Sood who was allotted a lease of 5000 acres by the British Govt. in the year 1920.

With inception of the Terai Development Corporation (TDC) in Pantnagar , a seed producing company formed primarily to produce certified seed of various cereal, pulses and oilseeds crops, the farmers in the Terai were introduced to the concept of seed production. The Terai Development Corporation is located in the town of Haldi adjoining the prestigious G. B. Pant University of Agriculture and Technology in Pantnagar. The Terai Development Corporation in conjunction with G. B. Pant University of Agriculture and Technology was amongst the pioneers of certified seed production in country which contributed immensely in ushering in and sustaining the Green Revolution. The Sood family members were amongst the founder share holders of The Terai Development Corporation (TDC) and were involved in certified seed production of various crops for TDC for a number of years. Growing certified seed crops for TDC exposed the family to various nuances of certified seed production and gave them valuable experience and insights regarding the technical and commercial aspects of seed production. The family established its seed production and marketing firm on the year 1989 and in a short span of time carved a niche for itself in the highly competitive business of seed production and marketing by providing quality seeds to its customers year after year. The invaluable experience gained by producing seeds of various crops for TDC held the family in very good stead and formed a rock solid foundation for the business.

Originally, the main customers were leading corporate entities in the agri business of seed marketing. Today, the company has a number of respected dealers and distributors all across Uttar Pradesh and Bihar and this number is growing annually. Retail trade is still restricted to the local farmers of the area.

Integrity and Excellence, Our pledge to you!

Recognizing that more than one commodity was necessary for ongoing success, the company diversified their efforts to include all major cereal crops and more recently, pulses Black Gram (Urad) have been added to the priority list. To date, Breeder and Foundation Seed is sourced from both public and private breeding institutions. Close working relationships with these institutions continue to provide a steady flow of breeding material. Sood Seeds Company Pvt. Ltd. now produces and markets public varieties of wheat, paddy and pulses in India. Sood Seeds Company Pvt. Ltd. is dedicated to finding ‘end-use markets’ for their ever increasing list of varieties, so that all members of the industry, from producers through end-users, can enjoy the benefit of this type of system.

While this young company has quickly expanded in scope and market- share, the principal family members still maintain close contact with all aspects of the daily business operations. The next generation of family is already becoming involved in the business, thus ensuring continuity for the future. Maintaining this relatively small and close knit group of partners and dedicated employees has allowed Sood Seeds Co. Pvt. Ltd. to quickly respond to new opportunities which present themselves and flourish in a marketplace of narrow margins and sharp competition. As we move towards the 21st century, Sood Seeds Company Pvt. Ltd. feels that tremendous potential exists for aggressive seed companies. Expanding opportunities brought about by the ever increasing demand from the Indian wheat growing states, particularly in North India, make this entry into the 21st Century a truly exciting time. It is safe to say that efficient and innovative companies like Sood Seeds Co. Pvt. Ltd. will continue to find expanded success in the Indian seed industry.

What’s Happening today?

At present Sood Seeds Co. Pvt. Ltd. focuses on variety development and marketing in both cereals and pulses. To date, Sood Seeds Co. Pvt. Ltd. has been amongst the leading producers of wheat genetics in India, and also has been an aggressive producer and marketer of wheat, paddy and pulses. Sood Seeds Co. Pvt. Ltd. has been a leader in the area of contracting wheat production, and has an excellent relationship with it’s dedicated grower farmer base .

Sood Seeds has developed its reputation in the marketplace by following a rigid set of quality control standards and a self-imposed level of integrity second to none. It is our pledge to the industry that we will continue this tradition in the future.

Strategic Production Tie Ups

Sood Seeds Co. Pvt. Ltd. has a strategic production tie up with Shriram Fertilisers and Chemicals, New Delhi, India to exclusively produce Research Wheat Seed varieties developed by Shriram Fertilisers and Chemicals. From a modest beginning of 600 tons in the year 2009 to 12000 tons in the year 2017 of Research Wheat Seed Production for Shriram Fertilisers and Chemicals speaks volumes about the strength of Sood Seeds Co. Pvt. Ltd. in organizing quality seed production of wheat seed in particular. A dedicated farmer base, a motivated and dedicated team of young employees of the Company coupled with the decades of experience in wheat seed production has propelled Sood Seeds Co. Pvt. Ltd. to an enviable position where in the company handles about 40 % of the total Research Wheat Seed Production for Shriram Fertilisers and Chemicals, New Delhi. Unflinching commitment to up hold and maintain the highest standards and norms of wheat seed both in the field and in the laboratory is the secret to our success that sets us apart from the others in the seed industry.